Paying Homage to those families who made the ultimate sacrifice
Paying Homage to those families who made the ultimate sacrifice

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All proceeds from the sale of the book go to help Gold Star Families.


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Helping veterans' families is why we get up every day.

For us, every day is Memorial Day.


We're saddling up to honor 100 families, and we'd love it if you could come along.


Next year's Ride is being created now. We'll hit all the lower 48, and you're welcome to come along!


We're Riding and raising money for Gold Star Families. 

It's all we do.


When you give to us,

we give to you!!

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The Gold Star Ride Foundation is anorganization that takes care of people with invisible wounds. We visit and pay tribute to families who grieve over the loss of a member who lost their life while serving in the United States Military. 

We give money to other organizations which do the same and similar work with veterans and their families, but mostly we give education benefits and help with unexpected life emergencies to surviving brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters. 


"I'd like to think," says our co-founder, "that if I was killed while serving my country, someone would be there to finish what I started with my family. Teach my kids to drive, finish building that treehouse, or help them pay for college -  because that's what I was working on; that's what they were working on; when they gave their life for the rest of us."


Some of our stories - excerpts from the book


From Chapter Four:


“Been on the road long?” I asked, “You look tired.”

“Yeah, I started in North Dakota,” the old man driving the old truck spoke with a raspy voice. For the record, the closest point in North Dakota to the spot where he and I were sitting is about fifteen hundred miles. “We love this motel,” he continued, “we stay here every time we come down.”

“No rooms,” the woman said, returning to the truck and jumping back in on the other side.

“They have at least one,” I offered, “I’m leaving.” The old man chuckled. We began talking about the Gold Star Ride Foundation, and he shared that he had spent time in Vietnam. I told him about the bottle of Cuban rum I keep in a saddle bag, but he wasn’t interested in it. He did thank me for the offer, but, as he said, “haven’t had a drink in nearly two decades.” That earned a little more respect from me. I know how hard it can be, and I immediately imagined the challenges that this man has had to endure to stay alive this long.

While we spoke, the young person in the back seat jumped out with enormous amounts of energy, investigating this and that. The dog came out with him.

“That’s Schnook,” he said, introducing me to the dog. “He’s a full bred wolf.”

“A wolf?” I asked with a little shock.

“Yes, I’ve had him since he was a pup. He’s thirteen now.” This incredibly beautiful animal which, I’m guessing, weighed about one hundred pounds, and when he put his paws on the shoulder of the boy, the wolf wasn’t even trying to stretch to his available height. He could have put his paws on the shoulders of someone seven feet tall. He was a very impressive creature.

We talked a little about the wolf, and the boy told me the story of winning his black belt in Karate and Judo. He said he owed it all to his grandparents, who have been raising him.

I felt honored to have met them. They went to the next motel on the street, and I rolled west all day.

There was a time on this road, and I’ll use no exaggeration in the telling of this, when I was rolling toward New Mexico, when the only things you could see were cacti. Not the big beautiful ones you see in books, these were short; most only a foot tall. There was no ditch along the sides of the road, only flat land that rolled out into the fields of cacti. Every now and then, there was a mountain in the distance, but mostly it was flat, dry, and very hot. During one sixty minute period, I did not even pass or even see a car on the road.

I had plenty of time to not be distracted by anything. I was able to speak to God in complete sentences. Not all of those were filled with flattery, but they weren’t filled completely with complaints either. I think I’ve already mentioned that God and I have had differences in opinion along the way.

There’s something indescribable about being alone for that long. About being that alone. I mean, we’ve all had moments when we were alone. Hopefully, it happens every time you go into the bathroom; but this is different. This is so alone, that there is not a living person within fifty miles, and you can feel it. You can feel the fact that even if you wanted to come in contact with another human being, you’d have to travel a long time to get there. Distance adds something to the alone factor and it’s palpable.




After forty-eight days of grueling Riding; heat, rain, wind, and extremely long hours every single day, I found myself rolling down the east side of a mountain in Colorado. A song kept running through my head:


Somewhere along a high road
The air began to turn cold
She said she missed her home
I headed on alone

Stood alone on a mountain top,
Starin' out at the great divide
I could go east, I could go west,
It was all up to me to decide
Just then I saw a young hawk flyin'
And my soul began to rise
And pretty soon
My heart was singin'


               If you’ve ever been there, it’s one of the most remarkable scenes around the Rocky Mountains. You come down the hill, and the mountains just disappear. Nothing but flat fields of grain as you roll east from that line.

I knew the song was pretty cool running through my head – music has that sort of power. I also knew it was wrong. I didn’t have a choice, really, about going east or west. I was going east. Well, northeast. It may have been up to me to decide, but that decision was made a long time ago.

              As I got close to sea level for the first time in two weeks, I turned north and enjoyed the summer Ride. It was wonderful here, but very lonely. I managed to Ride north into Montana and South Dakota. Part of me was thinking how close I was to home, and how I was excited to get there. Part of me was thinking it was a wonderful day to Ride in some remote locations. After Riding north into Montana, I turned east and rolled passed a sign that said;


                                                       NEXT GAS 72 MILES


and I knew I was in desolate places. I double checked the gas gage, which said I had plenty, and rolled that throttle on.






                 It’s difficult for widows and orphans (as Lincoln so elegantly put it), just like it’s difficult for sisters, brothers, mothers and fathers, and "step" siblings.

               We’re all in this together. We know you are too busy, so we’re going for you. We’re going to see families all over the country.

                 The Gold Star Ride 2018 embarked on a national journey to visit these families, and help them understand that the rest of us are grateful. We are grateful beyond words, just like they are filled with sorrow beyond words.

                 Do something. Give a little. Sign up to Ride with us (next year). Send a card to be passed on to a family.

Just Do Something.




           In the United States, only 6.454% of the population has ever put their lives in harm's way to protect the other 93.556%. Sometimes, harm wins, and they come home in a box. 

          The Gold Star Ride Foundation is a motorcycle-riding organization that has been set up to support these families, helping with tuition costs, housing and other short term emergencies, and providing some emotional support.

          The Gold Star Ride Foundation first major ride was The Gold Star Ride 2018. One rider traveled to 60+ families, thanking them for the sacrifice they have had to endure, supporting them emotionally, reminding them that their sacrifice is not forgotten, and providing a little financial help.

          One rider covered nearly 18,000 miles, traveled through 44 states, and spent 58 days riding in wind, rain, cold, heat, high altitudes, smoke, and everything else mother nature has to offer, to remind these and all military families, that their sacrifice is not forgotten by the rest of America.

          And to remind the rest of us that Gold Star Families exist. So many people don't know.

       If you wish to join the ride:

  • First and foremost, we will respect the families we visit.
  • You can saddle up and join the ride anytime on your motorcycle or three wheeler. We ride staggered and obey all traffic laws. We are respectful above all else when we are on the highway.
  • You may stop at anytime. You know your schedule, and we would love to have you ride longer, but we get it.

       In 2018, The Gold Star Ride:

  • burned through 3 sets of tires on the motorcycle; (Special thanks to Harley Davidson dealerships Savannah HD, Twin Cities HD, and Cowboys (Alamo City) HD, for keeping tires on the bike.)
  • consumed more than 462 gallons of gasoline (that's a lot for one bike); (Special thanks to people and gas stations around the country for keeping the tank full. A list of these is in Yours, Very Sincerely and Respectfully.)
  • rode in the rain for approximately 800 miles;
  • stopped to change the oil 3 times; (Special thanks to HD Louisville, KY.)
  • Lots of hugs, lots of former strangers who are now friends.

        If you know a family that would like a visit when we come to your state, please ask them to send us a confidential email. We will never use anyone's email for anything except to respond.


       Paying tribute to families that paid a lot more

than we did, one doorbell at a time.


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