Paying Homage to those families who made the ultimate sacrifice
Paying Homage to those families who made the ultimate sacrifice

Thanks for your support!   


REGRETTABLY, we are discontinuing our T-shirts. If there is no option for the size and style you wish to order, that size and style is no longer available. We are thankful for the support that we received from T-shirts, and sorry if you missed your opportunity.


Tshirts are shown here in Black, but are also available in RED.


Click the link, then select the T-shirt you would like by placing a dot in the circle next to the description. 

All shirts feature a huge twelve (12) inch logo on the back side.

We will do our best to remove a size and style from the order form as soon as we know they are sold out.


Here's what the descriptions mean:

R - Red

B - Black

LS - Long Sleeve

SS - Short Sleeve

DD214 - The front of the shirt features the DD214 slogan.

GSRF - The front of the shirt features a three (3) inch logo on the left breast

WRBTD - The left SLEEVE of the shirt features our slogan WE RIDE BECAUSE THEY DIED

Sizes: Medium, Large, eXtra Large, eXtra eXtra Large, and eXtra eXtra eXtra Large



Long Sleeve shirts are available in either RED or BLACK


TRIPLE X is $5.00 EXTRA.


This long sleeve shirt features our motto on the sleeve "WE RIDE BECAUSE THEY DIED"

Only two of these are left with these descriptions in addition to the sleeve:

M - Black, GSRF logo

XXXL - Black, DD214 front


Short Sleeve shirts are available in either RED or BLACK

Either Red or Black are available with either MY DD214 CAN KICK YOUR MBA'S ASS

or GSRF 3" left breast logo.




The work that we perform is a very good reason for you to be motivated to open your wallet and help. But let’s be real. That’s not the only reason.


Managing taxes is, or least should be, very high on your list of things needed to effectively manage your money. Your money is your business, and we don’t want anything to do with your business. 


Please consult your tax professional if you have any questions about the tax benefits of donating to The Gold Star Ride Foundation.


If you wish to donate securities to us, please call our offices so that your donations can be handled with the utmost confidentiality and care. Our phone number is listed on our contact page.


We accept many sorts of tax deductible donations, including Securities (you deduct the value of the security, not the purchase price), cars, trucks and motorcycles (values over $5,000 must be appraised), RV's, and Real Estate (wonderful opportunites exist with real estate).

Sorry, at this time, we cannot accept boats, but we can accept jet skis.



This is who we help. People just like this woman, who lost her husband and the family's primary breadwinner. She doesn't want much, just to know that her sacrifice is not lost on the people of the United States. She'd like to have something to help her move on. We help her go back to college.


If you donate a dollar to us, you probably want to know how much she gets. Before you ask that question, ask yourself who paid for the website you're reading; ask how you learned about us. Ask yourself who will pay the phone company so we can answer the phone when she calls. 


What it takes to run an operation like ours is just as important as the work we do.


We try to keep our overhead low. We pay the same rates for electricity as you do; we negotiate the best deals on Internet services, phone services, printing services, and garbage collection services. All our staff are volunteers; no one is paid.


Just like when you hire a kid to mow your lawn or shovel your snow, you get what you pay for. We understand this, and it is with this that we keep working.

Because she deserves it.


Her husband gave his life so you and I could continue to be free.


We all know - freedom isn't free.


The only thing that is free is how much we here at the GSRF love Gold Star Families and doing good for them. We are all unpaid volunteers.


If you'd like to volunteer and work with us, we'd love to hear from you. Send us an email or call.


The Gold Star Ride Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization, recognized by the IRS for charitable giving. 






The Gold Star Ride Foundation will actively support, comfort and provide education benefits to Gold Star Families throughout the United States and will provide these things directly with personal visits via motorcycle; and we will support those other organizations that work to assist in these same activities.





The Gold Star Ride Foundation was formed in late 2016, and fullfilled all requirements of Minnesota law by registering as a non profit corporation, complete with bylaws and articles of incorporation. Additionally, we are registered with the Minnesota Attorney General's office, which is required for fundraising activities.We are registered with the IRS, and the IRS has acknowledged The Gold Star Ride Foundation as an official 501(c)3 organization meaning any donations are eligible for tax deductions. Talk to your tax advisor for specific tax information.



Our banking institution is First Resource Bank of Lino Lakes, MN.  Donations may NOT be made directly to the bank. If you would like to make a donation, and you'd rather not use our buttons here on the website, you may send us a check via United States Postal Service. Our mailing address is on our contact page. Thank you for your support.

































































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